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You are currently on: Progress, Mars Orbit, Planetary Consortium. Habitat conditions are nominal. Would you like to simulate random weather, shared random weather with your friends, tropical overlays, or our premium options, such as the Barsoom overlay, just in time for the annual Barsoomian festival?

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Captain Nathaniel Sterling saves children on Progress
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Dr. Johannes Heidrich
Kerem Kaplan
Nathan Sterling
Sebastian Giroux
Terrence Morden


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*Investigate Tseng Sueh-yen
*Investigate potential X-Threat

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The Meat Emporium is offering 5% off their supplies of real vat-grown beef for the first 1,000 customers who check in at the location, today only. Enjoy the best simulated strip steak this side of Luna.

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Pathfinder City: 14K Private Facilities, 4/24/14

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