Welcome to the Future!

Here on Mars, the Planetary Consortium has been doing everything it can to help Transhumanity regain much of what it lost during the Fall. Work on Terraforming Mars continues apace, and new bodies and opportunities are being made every day to help the infogees from Earth. They’re doing their part to help ensure the future of our civilization, and so can you. Click here if you’d like to know more.


So you’ve gotten the standard Consortium “We’re Helping” bit. Sorry if I cut it short, but we’ve got to get down to business. Mars is both our best chance to have a planet again and one of the biggest threats to Transhumanity at large. The TITAN Quarantine Zone means there’s a solid chance of TITAN Tech getting out again, the Pandora Gate means that it’s a possible vector for alien invasion, the return of the TITANs, or who knows what, and worst of all? You’ve got a bunch of old world megacorporations who no longer have any sort of oversight to their R&D projects other than themselves. Worst yet, they’re motivated by all the usual suspects. Fear, greed, and power. On a normal day, we wouldn’t give a damn about man exploiting man or the reverse. That’s just how we are, no matter how many people we add to the family tree. The problem is when TITAN tech gets involved. You know the old saw, “Secrets Man was not meant to know”? Well, that’s Exsurgent in a nutshell, and the TITANs left a ton of it laying around.

I’d put in some bit about how terrible it is that the Hypercorps are messing with the stuff, but let’s get with the program. We’re curious, it’s a defining aspect of our civilization. We get more calls about X-Threats from PC space not because they’re more ruthless or more evil or whatever line some Autonomist wants to use to promote his own bullshit, they have a ready access to the tech and the resources to look into it. That’s it. We might not get as many X-Threat reports from the outer system, but believe me, it’s not for lack of effort. Well, except for the Jovians. Sometimes being paranoid technophobes works out for the best.

Anyway, point is we’ve got a line on some trouble in your area, and we want you to look into it. Rules of Engagement are simple. First, determine if this is an X-Threat or just your standard bullshit. If some asshole is fucking with infogee heads on his off time because it gives him a tickle, let the locals deal with it, it’s not worth the effort. If he’s working with some X-Threat variant and it’s about to blow up in all of our faces, get involved. Do whatever is needed, but remove the X-Threat. That said, we’d appreciate a relatively low profile, or at least something that can be explained away, so look into all of your options first. We don’t have many kill teams in position at the moment, so heavy support is off the table in all but the most extreme of cases. If we have to nuke Progress, then we have to nuke Progress, but dealing with the fallout is going to be a real bitch, and nobody is going to be happy, trust me.

If you need anything, you can put in a request, but don’t expect the moon and stars here. Getting even a blueprint in through PC’s networks is a pain, much less actual items. Some things are easier than others, so be glad we helped you get some of the stuff you’ve already got.

Oh, one last thing. I hope you enjoy Simulspace, because that’s where we’ll hold briefings, mission updates, and debriefings. Security, you understand.

Eclipse Phase: Breaking Light

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