Isaac’s Current Shopping List

  • Reflex Booster (Physical Augmentation, Expensive): grants + 1 to Speed, and + 10 to Reflexes (REF)
  • Adrenal Boost (Physical Augmentation, High): Activatable: + 10 to Reflexes (REF), can ignore 1 wound penalty
  • Endocrine Control (Physical Augmentation, High): + 30 to resist all emotional manipulation, + 20 to Deception checks
  • Hardened Skeleton (Physical Augmentation, High): + 5 to Durability, + 5 to Somatics (SOM)
  • High – G Augmentation (Physical Augmentation, Moderate): + 5 to Durability, + 5 to Somatics (SOM), reduce gravity penalties by 1g
  • Mental Speed (Nanoware, High): +2 Mental Complex Actions per turn, +3 to Initiative
  • Oracles (Nanoware, Moderate): negate Perception penalties for distractions, + 10 to Investigation checks, + 30 to Memory tests
  • Respirocytes (Nanoware, Moderate): can hold breath for + 4 hours, + 5 to Durability

Marshal’s addition subject to review:

Grip Tape (blueprint) book: GateCrasher pg 155 Low
Nuke Batteries GateCrasher pg 155 Low
Pressure Tent Sunward pg 168 Moderate
Oxygen Candles Panopticon pg 157 Moderate
Repair Spray (blueprint) EP pg 333 Moderate
10 Concussion Grenades Main Book pg 340 Moderate
10 Frag Grenades Main Book pg 340 Moderate
10 Overload Grenades Main Book pg 340 Moderate
10 Plasma Grenades Main Book pg 340 High
20 pounds superthermite Main Book pg 330 Moderate

Blackjack’s Needs


  • Reflex Booster [Expensive]: + 1 to Speed, + 10 to Reflexes.
  • Adrenal Boost [High]: + 10 to Reflexes, ignore 1 wound penalty.
  • Endocrine Control [High]: + 30 to resist all emotional manipulation, + 20 to Deception, ignore 1 wound penalty, and can stay awake 48 hours.
  • Muscle Augmentation [High]: +5 to Somatics.
  • Hardened Skeleton [High]: + 5 to Durability and Somatics.
  • High-G Augmentation [Moderate]: + 5 to Durability and Somatics, reduce gravity penalties by 1g.
  • Mental Speed [High]: +2 Mental Complex Actions per turn, +3 to Initiative.
  • Respirocytes [Moderate]: Hold breath for up to 4 hours, + 5 to Durability.
  • Skillware [High]: Can use up 100 points of skillsofts.
  • Direction Sense [Low]: Provides innate sense of distance and direction travelled, can always retrace steps on any travelled route, and instinctively knows orientation with respect to any given reference frame.
  • Math Boost [Low]: Apply a +30 modifier on tests involving math calculations.
  • Anti-Glare [Low]: No glare penalties.
  • Oxygen Reserve [Low]: Three hours of breathable air. Automatically detect poisonous or unbreathable atmosphere.
  • Medichines [Low]: Speeds healing and ignore effects of 1 wound. Prevents effects of diseases, drugs, and toxins (except nano-drugs/toxins). Permits intoxication or other effects if overridden, but still prevents permanent harm, and can reduce remaining toxin duration by half if desired. Initiates medical stasis when user takes 5 wounds at once, or 6 wounds within an hour.


*Skillsofts [Highx2]: Provide a rating of up to 40 in an active skill. (Pilot: Groundcraft, Navigation, Seeker Weapons)


  • Spindle [Moderate]: Produces 0.2 mm diamtre line rated for 250 kg at 20 m/s, and retracts at 5 m/s. Can be used to safely jump off vertical surfaces by using the line to slow the descent to 10 m/s or less.
  • Spindle Climber [Low]: Fires spindle cable up to 50 meters and attaches to any sufficiently strong surface, then retracts at 2 m/s.


  • Underbarrel Seeker Launcher [Moderate]
  • Seeker Armband [Moderate]


  • Thermite Micromissiles [High]
  • HEAP Micromissiles [High]
  • Thermite Grenades [High]
  • Sticky Grenade Coating [Low]

Dr. Heidrich’s Personal Requests + Mission Critical Group

Gate Probe Blueprint—Moderate
Mapping Missiles (blueprint)—Moderate
Bio-Defense Unit (high)
Faraday Suits—Moderate x8
Life Support Packs—medium x6
Survival Belts x8
Crasher Trucks (expensive) X2
Sky Mote Swarm (moderate)
Healing Pod x2 (moderate)—one for bio, one for synth
Emergency Rations blueprint
Repair Spray blueprint Nano Bandages
Nuclear Battery
That modification to the Vector Thrust system to permit the use of compressed gas in space.
Portable Library (Planetary Science, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Astrobiology)
Analysis Software: Astrophysics, Biology, Astrobiology +10
Skillware (High) Skillsoft Seekers (High)

— Terrence Morden’s Self-Improvement Emporium
Panopticon upgrade (High)
Oracles upgrade (Moderate)
Cartography Package plugin (Moderate)
Sage Eidolon (Expensive – Min 40k) (Contingent on leftover money, unlikely)

Sebastian Giroux Wish-List

Micro-Missile (Thermobaric) [Moderate]
Automatic Rifle [High]
Disposable Launcher [High] (HEAP)
Disposable Launcher [High] (Liquid Thermite “Firestorm”)
Extended Magazine [Moderate]
Smart Magazine [High]
Saucer [Moderate]
Smart Ammo – Biter [Moderatel]
Smart Ammo – Accushot [Moderate]

Sterling’s Wish List
Hardened Skeleton [High]
High-G Augmentation [Moderate]
External Swivel-mount [Low]
Standard (Large) Missile Launcher w/Gyromount [High]
6x Smart Magazine [High]
9x Emergency Rations [Trivial]
1x Survival Belt [Moderate]
1x Fibereye [Low]


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