Sebastian Giroux


Character: Sebastian Giroux
Background: Hyperelite
Faction: Socialite
Morph: Sylph
Gender Id: Male
Actual Age: 35
Moxie: 4/9
Rez Points Gained: 157
Rez Points Used: 152
Rez Points Left: 5
Credits: 0
Crypto Credits: 5,000
Motivations: Fame, Influence, Transhumanism (New World Economy)
Hardening: Gate Crashing

COG 15 (15)
COO 15 + 5M (20)
INT 15 + 5M (20)
REF 10 + 20E (30)
SAV 20 + 10M (30)
SOM 10 + 10E (20)
WIL 20 (20)

TT 8
LUC 40
IR 80
WT 10
DUR 50
DR 75
SPD 2(1)/2
DB 2

Smart Vac Clothing – E17 K14
Heavy Armour – E31 K26 (E41 K36 vs Fire/Heat)

@-rep = 10
c-rep = 10
e-rep = 0
f-rep = 80
g-rep = 58
i-rep = 37
r-rep = 0
x-rep = 18

Academics: Psychology: 35+15COG (50)
Academics: Nanotechnology: 35+15COG (50)
Animal Handling: 30SAV
Art: Speech: 30+15+10COG (55)
Beam Weapons: 20COO
Blades: 20SOM
Climbing: 20SOM
Clubs: 20SOM
Deception: 35+20+30SAV (85)
Disguise: 10+15+5+30INT (60)
Flight: 20SOM
Fray: 40+10+20 REF (70)
Freefall: 12+30 REF (42)
Freerunning: 15+20 SOM (35)
Gunnery: 20INT
Impersonation: 30SAV
Infosec: 15 COG
Infiltration: 45+20 COO (65)
Interest: Hypercorp Politics: 40+15COG (55)
Interfacing: 15COG
Intimidation: 40+20+10SAV (70)
Investigation: 50+15+5INT (70)
Kinesics: 40+20+10SAV (70)
Kinetic Weapons: 50+20COO (70)
Language: French (English): 90 (98)INT
Language: Arabic: 35+15+5INT (55)
Language: Cantonese: 35+15+5INT (55)
Navigation: 20INT
Networking: Autonomists: 10+20+10SAV (40)
Networking: Criminals: 20+20+10SAV (50)
Networking: Ecologists: 10+20+10SAV (40)
Networking: Firewall: 25+20+10SAV (55)
Networking: Hypercorps: 15+20+20+10SAV (65)
Networking: Media: 15+20+30SAV (65)
Networking: Scientists: 0+20+10SAV (30)
Palming: 20COO
Perception: 50+15+10INT (75)
Persuasion: 40+10+30SAV (80)
Pilot: Aircraft: 30REF
Pilot: Anthroform: 30REF
Pilot: Exotic Vehicle: 30REF
Pilot: Groundcraft: 30REF
Pilot: Spacecraft: 30REF
Pilot: Watercraft: 30REF
Profession: Social Engineering: 47+15COG (62)
Profession: Media Ops: 47+15COG (62)
Programming: 47+15COG* (62)
Protocol: 30+10+10+20+10SAV (80)
Psychosurgery: 20INT
Research: 15COG
Scrounging: 20INT
Seeker Weapons: 50+20COO (70)
Spray Weapons: 20COO
Swimming: 20SOM
Thrown Weapons: 20COO
Unarmed Combat: 20SOM

Implant Details
Basic Biomods: (EP p. 300) Morph heals at accelerated rate, is immune to most diseases and only needs 4 hours of sleep a day.
Basic Mesh Inserts: (EP p. 300) Cranial computer, radio transceiver, 1km urban range, 20km rural, medical diagnostic system.
Cortical Stack: (EP p. 300) Size of grape, stores a backup of Ego, normally implanted at base of skull.
Direction Sense: (EP p. 301) Can designate a direction as north/up and it has no trouble retracing routes.
Echolocation: (EP p. 301) Sonar with a range of 20m in air and 100m in water
Enhanced Hearing: (EP p. 301) Hearing sensitivity is five times normal range, +20 to perception based hearing tests.
Enhanced Smell: (EP p. 301) Gives a +20 to Perception or Kinesics based smell tests.
Enhanced Vision: (EP p. 301) Offers a 5x magnification, into extra spectrums and gives a +20 to perception based vision tests.
Polarization Vision: (PO p. 148) Gives the morph the ability to see polarised light and ignores negative visual Perception modifiers for camouflage, transparency, or viewing underwater.
Ultraviolet Vision: (PO p. 148) Adds perception of ultraviolet frequencies to the morph’s visual capabilities.
Eidetic Memory: (EP p. 301) Perfect recall of long term memories but regular attention is needed to memorize details.
Hyper Linguist: (EP p. 301) (EP p. 301)
Math Boost: (EP p. 301) (EP p. 301)
Adrenal Boost: (EP p. 302) Morph ignores 1 wound and gains +10 to REF. Endocrine Control makes it on/off at command.
Bioweave Armor (light): (EP p. 302) Grants Morph Armor of 2/3 and can be mixed with worn armor.
Chameleon Skin: (EP p. 303) Gives the Morph +20 to infiltration test when naked or wearing compatible clothing.
Circadian Regulation: (EP p. 304) Morph only needs 2 hours of sleep a day or 4 hours of sleep in 48 hours.
Clean Metabolism: (EP p. 304) Morph is immune to most infections, has no bad breath, no scent and amore efficient digestion.
Eelware: (EP p. 304) Acts as shock gloves, and can power machines by touch.
Endocrine Control: (EP p. 304) Gives Morph +30 to resist emotional manip, +20 to deception tests, can be awake for 2 days, ignores 1 wound and can activate Adrenal Boost at will.
Enhanced Pheromones: (EP p. 305) Gives Morph +10 to all social skill tests such as persuasion.
Enhanced Respiration: (EP p. 305) Morph can breathe in 0.2 to 5 atmospheres and can hold breath for up to 30 minutes.
Neurachem (Level 1): (EP p. 305) +1 speed
Temperature Tolerance: (EP p. 305) Comfortable in -30 to +60 temperature
High Gravity Adaptation: (GC p. 154) +5 Dur, +5 Som. No negative modifiers from gravities up to 2g, reduce all penalties for higher gravities by 1g.
Anti-Glare: (EP p. 306) Eliminates visual penaties for glare
T-Ray Emitter: (EP p. 306) Emits t-rays 20m in atmosphere or 100m in vacuum
Hearing Filter: (PO p. 149) With this implant morphs can fine tune the information provided by the bioware enhanced hearing as if it was the cyberware version.
Mnemonic Augmentation: (EP p. 307) Perfect recording of all senses and emotions, retrieval of info can take between 2 and 20 min unless combined with eidectic memory.
Multitasking: (EP p. 307) Creates 2 extra forks giving 2 extra complex actions, is not compatable with mental speed augumentation.
Hardened Skeleton: (EP p. 308) +5 dur +5 som
Reflex Booster: (EP p. 308) +1 speed and +10 REF
Medichines: (EP p. 308) Morph ignores 1 wound, if it suffers 5 wounds it is placed in medical stasis and distress signals are send out. It allows synthmorphs to heal.
Nanophage: (EP p. 309) Immunity to nanodrugs and toxins
Oracle: (EP p. 309) +10 to investigation, ignore distraction penalties, and +30 to memory based tests
Respirocytes: (EP p. 309) Increases morphs ability to hold breath to 4 hours and increased DUR by +5
Skinflex: (EP p. 309) Can change the morph’s facial struicture for a +30 bonus to disguise test, change takes 20 min
Skinlink: (EP p. 309) Allows the morph to communicate with electronics by touch.
Toxin Filters (EP. 305): Immunity to all chemical and biological toxins.

Gear Details
Chameleon Cloak: (EP p. 315) Allows effective invisability when a character is stationary. Provides +30 to Infiltration when a character is moving faster than a slow walk.
Ecto: (EP p. 325) Provide full Mesh access. Include audio/visual/haptic inputs for AR interface.
Desktop Cornucopia Machine: (EP p. 327) Desk sized universal Fabber, 40L internal volume. Requires; power source, blue prints, raw materials. Disassembler included.
Cleaners: (EP p. 329) May be programmed to simply clean an area or remove hazardous substances, may also be used to eliminate forensic evidence.
Anonymous Account: (EP p. 330) (See also p.252) An encrypted anonymous communications channel for messaging and credit transfer, virtually impossible to track.
Backup Insurance (mod): (EP p. 330) Periodic Ego backup possible stack retrieval and reinstantiation into a basic morph in the event of death. For high risk individuals.
Fake Ego ID: (EP p. 331) A fabricated identity that will pass inspection in most jurisdictions, often registered to criminal or autonomist habitats. (x2)
Encryption: (EP p. 331)
Firewall +10: (EP p. 331) Protects a device from unauthorized intrusion. All mesh enabled devices have a standard version of this software.
Tactical Networks: (EP p. 331)(See also p.205) Tactical, real-time, data sharing and squad coordination software.
Kinesics Software: (PO p. 156) Gives a +10 to Kinesics Tests.
Standard Muse: (EP p. 332) Digital personalities designed to assist a character in everyday life and work.
Breadcrumb Positioning: (EP p. 332) Wearable system leaves micro tracking devices as user moves creating a mesh enabled map of the user’s path.
Nanobandage: (EP p. 333) Self sterilizing medical system treats all injury from poison to trauma. Severe injuries may req. physical first aid. (See also p.208)
Guardian Angel: (EP p. 345) Tiny but fast and tough flying tactical surveillance drone that can deliver an incapacitating shock.

Sebastian Giroux was born in the French city of Caen twenty five years before the Fall. He was the third son (and fifth overall) of the children of Bertrand Giroux chief executive officer of a company that would eventually be absorbed and become part of Experia after the fall. Sebastian was raised in luxury and afforded little of the time of his parents. He was sent to boarding schools by the age of seven and was raised away from his parents like the overwhelming majority of his siblings. By the time he had graduated from school, Sebastian had decided that he would pursue a career in Journalism. The worsening state of political tensions in the planet was of interest to him. Through his connections with his father, he was able to get a job working for one of the major French news organizations by the age of 20. For five years, he covered the worsening global conflicts playing by the same rules as the majority of his peers. Compromises and negotiations lead to access. His work was above average but nothing truly spectacular and he blended into a seemingly ever increasing number of news casters and reporters. When the fall began, Sebastian saw it as an opportunity to differentiate himself from his peers. He refused an opportunity to escape the planet alongside his parents and the majority of his siblings and instead chose to stay behind in order to document as much as possible. Sebastian managed to convince a military unit to allow him to become “embedded” and document their fight against the TITANs.

Sebastian managed to survive the Fall escaping in one of the last flight of shuttles leaving the doomed planet. Although he lived through the Fall, he emerged with an incomplete picture of the conflict as his primary recording device had to be discarded and hidden in a mad scramble away from TITAN forces near the outskirts of Paris. Upon arriving on Mars, his surviving footage won him some recognition but was not enough to push him into the elite ranks of the top one percent of his peers. For the next two years, he received a lucrative contract from Experia and worked for the Hyper-Corp. He was found to have a good eye for XP productions as well as viral marketing and he utilized these talents to elevate the cause of his patron corporation while subverting those of their enemies. The work was challenging but he remain unfulfilled. Sebastian’s fame continued to rise due to a series of exposes over an eighteen month period ranging from corporate espionage, corporate abuses as well as a series of scandals ranging. He skillfully maximized the impact of these stories while in others, he reached out to corporations in order to limit the damage to the corporate interests. It was a balancing act meant to maximize his fame while minimizing the fallout amongst the corporate interests of the planetary consortium. After he was a household name, he allowed his contract with Experia to end and became a free agent leveraging his fame and reputation to seek out causes that interested him.

Over the last seven years, Sebastian has established himself as one of the most famous “unaligned” medias in the inner solar system. His relationship with Experia has suffered, but his Fame has increased over a hundred times and he is now one of the greats in his chosen field. He has honed his viral marketing techniques and his distinct XP production style is now well known across a wide segment of trans-human space. He has been “killed” in three separate occasions since his escape from Earth. One of these is widely suspected as being an assassination by elements of the Jovian Republic since it transpired mere weeks after a scathing report on the Republic and its old world economy as well as other practices.

Blue Prints
Nano-bandages (P) [sub-trivial]
Homing Upgrade for Seekers (P) [trivial]
Mini-Missile Ammunition (HEAP) (P) [low]
Mini-Missile Ammunition (Thermobaric) © [moderate]
Mini-Missile Ammunition (Firestorm) © [low]
Micro-Missile Ammunition (EMP) © [moderate]
Micro-Missile Ammunition (Plasmaburst) © [moderate]
Micro-Missile Ammunition (Firestorm) © [low]
Disposable Launcher [Firestorm] [low]
Disposable Launcher [HEAP] [low]
Cleaners (Nano-tech) (P) [trivial]
Specialized Hive with Defender Swarm (P) [low+low]
Guardian Angel Blueprint (P) [low]
Smart Dust (P) [low]
Heavy Pistol Blueprint (P) [trivial]
Heavy Pistol Regular Ammo (P) [trivial]

Blue Prints Team
Blueprint for Homing Reactive Machine Gun Rounds (Nathan) [trivial+low]
Blueprint for Biter Machine Gun Rounds (Nathan) [trivial]
Blueprint for Regular Heavy Rail Pistol (Nathan) [sub-trivial]
Blueprint for Regular Heavy Rail Pistol Rounds (Nathan) [sub-trivial]
Blueprint for Regular Machine Gun Rounds (Nathan) [sub-trivial]
Ecto [trivial]
Automatic Rifle [moderate]
Extended Magazine [trivial]
Smart Magazine [low]
Saucer [trivial]
Smart Ammo – Biter [trivial]
Smart Ammo – Accushot [trivial]
(Bahana La) List of Various Blueprints – *
Rare materials and feeds – Iridium, Uranium, Platinum.
Armor, weaponry, Ammunition of a fairly wide variety including various mods, upgrades, and so forth.
Various tools. None of it is wearing any identifying tags and everything heavily modified.

Utility Tool
Misc Equipment (Covert Operations Tool, Liquid Thermite, Smart Dust)
EVA Harness
Life Support Pack
Micrograv Shoes
Portable Sensor (X-Ray)
3x Guardian Angels (Modified)

Weapons and Armor
1. SMG [Rng 0-30, 31-80, 81-125, 126-230] (smart-linked, ex-smart mag, ex mag, sound suppressor) 180 Homing rounds, 194 AP rounds, 90 biter rounds, 540 Homing RAP rounds
1. Seeker Rifle [Rng 5-150, 151-300, 301-1000, 1001-3000] (smart linked, ex-smart mag, ex mag) HEAP Mini, Thermobaric Mini, Plasmaburst, EMP
1. Seeker Pistol [Rng 5-70, 71-180, 181-600, 601-2000] (smart linked, ex-smart mag, ex mag) HEAP-M, Thermobaric-M, Plasma-Burst M, EMP-M
1. Heavy Pistol [Rng 0-10, 11-35, 36-60, 61-80] (smart linked, ex-smart mag, ex mag) 100 Biter Rounds, 100 Reactive AP
1. Body Armor (Heavy) /w chameleon coating, fireproofing, refractive glazing, self-healing, shock proof, thermal damping, lotus coating, radiation shielding and heavy helmet, Life Support, EVA Harness.
1. Smart Vac Suit /w ablative patches, chameleon coating, fireproofing, refractive glazing, self-healing, shock proof, lotus coating, and thermal damping.
3. SMG w/ under-barrel Mini-Seeker Launcher (High Quality, Project OZMA gear)
1. Feed 40 Trivial, 15 Low, 5 Moderate. [-5 Low for Ordnance (Standard Missiles)]

Ammunition and Damage
Mini Seeker (Homing, Thermobaric) 3d10+5 Pen 10, Uniform Blast (10 meters), Bonus to hit 10
Mini Seeker (Homing, HEAP) 3d10+12 Pen 8, Bonus to hit 10
Mini Seeker (Homing, Plasma) 3d10+10 Pen 6, Bonus to hit 10
Micro Seeker (Homing, Thermobaric) 2d10+5 Pen 10, Uniform Blast (5 meters), Bonus to hit 10
Micro Seeker (Homing, HEAP) 2d10+12 Pen 8, Bonus to hit 10
Micro Seeker (Homing, Plasma-burst) 2d10+10 Pen 6, Bonus to hit 10
Micro Seeker (Homing, EMP) — 50m burst, 1/10th Radio Range, Bonus to hit 10
Standard Seeker (Homing, HEAP) 6d10+24 Pen 8
Standard Seeker (Homing, Thermobaric) 6d10+10 Pen 10
Standard Seeker (Homing, Plasmaburst) 6d10+20 Pen 6
SMG Ammunition (Homing) 2d10+3 Pen 2, Bonus to hit 10
SMG Ammunition (Homing, RAP) 2d10+2 Pen 8, Bonus to hit 10
SMG Ammunition (AP) 2d10+1 Pen 7
SMG Ammunition (Biter) 3d10+3 Pen 2
Heavy Pistol (Biter) 3d10+4 Pen 4
Heavy Pistol (RAP) 2d10+3 Pen 10

+10 G-rep (01-08-2013) 1 rez
+5 Perception (Unknown) 5 rez
+1 Hypercorps (Unknown) 1 rez
+1 Media (Unknown) 1 rez
+1 Social Engineering (Unknown) 1 rez
+1 Programming (Unknown) 1 rez
+2 Deception (03-18-2013) 2 rez
+2 Perception (03-18-2013) 2 rez
+2 Persuasion (03-18-2013) 2 rez
+5 Free-Running (03-18-2013) 5 rez
+5 Seeker Weapons (03-18-2013) 5 rez
+5 Kinetic Weapons (03-18-2013) 5 rez
+10 G-rep (03-26-2013) 1 rez
+3 Deception (03-26-2013) 3 rez
+3 Perception (03-26-2013) 3 rez
+3 Persuasion (03-26-2013) 3 rez
+5 Investigation (04-29-2013) 5 rez
+10 @ rep (05-13-2013) 1 rez
+5 Art (Speech) (08-26-2013) 5 rez
+5 Free Running (08-26-2013) 5 rez
+5 Networking: Firewall (09-16-2013) 5 rez
+5 F-Rep: .5 rez
+4 Networking (Media): 4 rez
+4 Networking (Hypercorps): 4 rez
+10 Infiltration: 10 rez
+5 Persuasion: 5 rez
+5 Free Running: 5 rez
+5 Seeker Weapons: 5 rez
+5 Kinetic Weapons: 5 rez
+5 Protocol: 5 rez
+5 Infiltration: 5 rez
+5 Automatic I-Rep
+5 Automatic X-Rep
+1 Moxie: 15 rez
+10 i-rep: 1 rez
+10 x-rep: 1 rez
+5 Intimidation: 5 rez
+5 Freefall: 5 rez
+5 Intimidation: 5 rez
+5 Protocol: 5 rez
+2 Freefall: 2 rez
+1 Programming: 1 rez
+1 Media Operations: 1 rez
+1 Social Engineering: 1 rez


Sebastian Giroux

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